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Corporate Overview

OR Global is a Business Process Management company that specializes in providing business transformational services to the Airline industry. Founded in 1998 as OnlineRes in Southern California, our focus is to deliver services that help airlines transform their business processes to optimize revenues and control costs.

The value proposition of the OR Global business model is that it offers a proven and effective solution for airlines the benefits of which can be directly quantified and measured on an organization's bottom line.

We focus exclusively on the Airline Industry, which makes us unique and differentiates us from our competitors.

Our typical assignment involves working with our customers on critical aspects of their operations that need immediate attention and effective solutions. Understanding our customer’s needs and delivering cost-effective solutions are the cornerstones of our implementation.

Key benefits derived from OR Global services:

  1. Increased selling effectiveness
    • Responsive 24/7 call and Live chat center
    • Faster turn around on transactions
    • Innovative customer handling
    • Increase E-marketing effectiveness
  2. Improved operational efficiency
    • Eliminate hold and wait times on calls
    • Faster e-ticketing fulfillment
  3. Improved profitability
    • Cost abatement with increased revenue
    • Opening up new markets and opportunities

To our customers we commit result-oriented services that exceed expectations. A highly motivated work force and visionary management team based in the US and at our Global Center in India constitutes our core competencies.

 Our Office
OR Global
17215 Studebaker Road
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